Welcome to Modesto Gastroenterology Medical Corporation - A Digestive Health Care Clinic established in 1994.   

We provide a wide variety of services in the field of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Biliary diseases, including:

  • Diagnosis and management of peptic ulcer disease, Barrett's, GERD, esophageal and gastric cancer.
  • Diagnosis and management of small bowel disease, diarrhea, benign and malignant lesions of the small bowel.
  • Diagnosis and management of all types of hepatitis. 
  • Diagnosis and management of large bowel diseases.
  • Screening for colon cancer.
  • Surveillance and treatment for Barrett’s esophagus, 
  • Surveillance for colon polyps, and colon cancer.
  • Diagnosis and management of pancreatico-biliary diseases including pancreatitis, common bile duct stones, gallstone pancreatitis, biliary tumors, and pancreatic tumors. 
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic EGD, colonoscopy, ERCP, PEG, liver biopsy, esophageal stenting, and biliary stenting.


We accept Medicare and all major Health Plans.


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